Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arctic Zero

Ice Cream is a REALLY big weakness for many people.  Good news for them!  I have discovered a really good treat that is way lower in calories! Arctic Zero! It's in the ice cream section. I have only found it in the pint sized containers. But the WHOLE pint is 150 calories! I think it says the 1/2 cup serving is 37 calories.  That's compared to the same serving of yogurt or ice cream being around 90 calories or more.  I have tried the chocolate peanut butter, which is good, but it's not as creamy as normal fattening ice cream, but it's still a nice treat.  My favorite is the maple vanilla. MMMM!!! That one is really really good and it seems to have more of a creamy texture.  So far those are the only 2 flavors I have found. I will continue to look. I MUST try the cookies and cream!  The ingredients are great!  Natural and Organic, non gmo, with 14 grams of whey protein per pint!  A really guilt-free treat!

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  1. Update.... I found the cookies and cream flavor. It's good. I expected it to be vanilla with chocolate specks in it, but it was actually a brown color. IT pretty much tasted like chocolate. It's good though! Vanilla Maple is still the best one in my opinion.