Monday, April 29, 2013

Easy Salad

A major part of a healthy menu is salads! They are a clean, unprocessed food that has tons of vitamins packed in. It's a quick meal with no cooking involved.  They make an easy packed lunch. I could go on about why salads are such a great food.  One way to make them even quicker to make is to have your lettuce already chopped up.  I started off just buying the bagged, already chopped lettuce, which is fine.  To save a little more money ( I could use up 2 bags a week easily ) I started buying the whole lettuce and chopping it myself. It costs half as much.  I bought a large plastic container that is specifically for my lettuce.  I wash, chop and put it in the container and any time I want salad it's already chopped for me at half the price of buying it bagged.  The more components you can have pre-chopped, the easier and quicker it is to throw a salad together.  I sometimes pre-slice cucumbers and peppers and place them in baggies for quick use and I like to buy grape tomatoes when I can so I can just grab a couple and I'm done.  When you can have a whole delicious salad thrown together in a minute, you are more likely to eat more salad!  Just another way to help yourself practice healthy habits. :o)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Shopping for Healthy Gadgets

I will be talking about many food items and gadgets that are useful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I now have an Amazon Store that will provide a place for you to shop for many of these things. Sometimes it's just easier and quicker to buy it online than try to find it in a store near you. I have just opened it up and will be adding things to it as I find new gadgets and gizmos or food items that I'd like to feature.  If there is something you have found that you think others should try, leave a comment and I'll try to add it in.  You can find the store link tab at the top of the page ( Healthy Gadgets Store ). Or you click HERE .