People get all afraid when they hear body building. No worries!  It's not all about bulging, shiny muscles.  Weight training is what makes you stronger, and firm. It's the difference in looking  skinny and puny, and looking thin and trim.  Icing on the cake. And you must also remember that even if you do put in the time to get some good ' guns ', you look great when you are walking around in your normal everyday state and not all pumped up and flexing. Don't be afraid of muscles! And you can't just accidentally balloon up into a big huge bulky body builder overnight. You can control how muscular you look.
  That being said, you have to start somewhere. is a great tool! If you want, you can choose a workout plan from the site.  It's a great place to get yourself started and learn what it's about.  There are great articles on Supplements, nutrition plans, and even videos to demonstrate how to do specific exercises.  It's very motivating. I sometimes get on there and just browse around to help me keep my motivation.  It helps when your friends or family don't have the same goals, or are not being supportive. You can go to the site and suddenly you remember you are not alone!

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