Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Skinny Peanut Butter

PB2 - A way to get your peanut butter fix without the 200 calorie price tag. Peanuts are crushed and dehydrated and the fat is seperated out of them. What is left is a peanut powder. You reconstitute with water back into Peanut butter. You can play with the consistancy and get it like you want it. 2 Tbsp of the powder is only 45 calories and it's a perfect amount for spreading on toast. There is also a chocolate PB2! Yum! I find it at Kroger.


  1. I keep meaning to buy some of this. I am picky about my pb and don't think I'd want to reconstitute it, but I'd like to have it for adding to things like oatmeal & smoothies.

  2. it's perfect for that! It's not with the other peanut butters in Kroger. It's over in the organic section. At least in Columbus. They should put some over by the regular PB! I'm sure there are people who would never know it exists because they don't go to the health food area!